AR-News: (AR - US) Man in jail for cruelty to his horse and endangering child

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Mon Nov 24 07:43:46 EST 2003

Crimefighters say a Sebastian County man is in jail for alleged cruelty to his animals and endangering the life of his 13-year-old son. 

A deputy said Herald McKinney, who lives near Hackett, was trying to break one of his horses by pulling it behind his car Saturday afternoon. His son, Kori was riding it at the time. At some point the horse jumped up, causing the boy to fall off and break his foot. 

Kori is adamant that what happened is not his dad's fault. "Whenever it jumped up, it was my fault cause I'm stupid enough to crawl on anything with four legs. It isn't really my dad's fault." 

But Herald Mckinney is now in jail, facing charges of animal cruelty, child endangerment and public intoxication. 

"Whooop!" Kori called out to his long-time friend, Blackey, Sunday. Kori has been riding horses for as long as he can remember. 

Mom, Loretta Courth said, "The kids are real fond of their horses cause they raised them from colts," which is why she is concerned about what will happen to the horses if her ex-husband is found guilty of the charges. 

"I have a 20-year-old daughter that has cerebral palsy, who learned to ride on the older horse. That's the reason she is able to walk now. We would put her on the horse and ride with her," Loretta said. 

Loretta says the divorce papers make it clear that McKinney is to keep at least one horse for each child because of their daughter's health, "but we have no place to keep them right now. We have to find a place as soon as they release them to move." 

For now, Loretta and her kids are just trying to take care of the tasks at hand: feeding the horses, making sure they're okay, that they're okay. 

"I'm feeling great," said Kori with spunk, "as long as I can get up whenever I sit down." 

McKinney is also accused of dragging the horse behind his car after it fell, and hitting it in the mouth. 

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