AR-News: (US) Turkey rescue or theft? You decide

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Sun Nov 23 13:20:36 EST 2003

[from San Mateo County Times]

MARTINEZ -- They strut across the back yard, two of the luckiest gobblers
the Golden State has ever seen, feathered fugitives from their own
personal Thanksgiving apocalypse.

Some say they're "ambassadors for their species" who were "rescued" from
"deplorable" farm conditions, a sharp knife and, ultimately, a roasting
pan. Others say they're stolen property, purloined poultry -- turkeys on
the lam.

East Bay Animal Advocates ("A Voice for Compassion and Justice") issued a
news release last week announcing that while "millions of turkeys are
cruelly raised and slaughtered for holiday food festivities ... this year,
several turkeys escaped this horrible fate when rescued from numerous
California farms by East Bay Animal Advocates' Animal Bureau of
Investigations (ABI) team." 
Animal-rights activists range from conscientious, law-abiding people to
what the law deems domestic terrorists, such as whomever bombed Chiron
Inc. in Emeryville and Shaklee Inc. in Pleasanton recently for their ties
to an animal-testing laboratory; the FBI has identified a suspect in the

But the USA PATRIOT Act makes reference neither to turkey (other than the
Republic of Turkey) nor to poultry or livestock, and East Bay Animal
Advocates doesn't want to be cast as some diabolical turkey Taliban.
Morrissey said her group's mandate is simply rescue and education work.
"We're not terrorists, we're just trying to save animals."

Still, California lawmakers last month passed a new law to stiffen
penalties for poultry-pinching such as this. 

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