AR-News: (CA) Bison Leave CA 79 Years After Silent Movie Role

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Thu Nov 20 07:40:01 EST 2003

by Maria A. Schulz

Posted on November 20, 2003 

On November 11, approximately one third of Santa Catalina Island's 300 bison 
were shipped off the island, to be transferred back to their ancestral home on 
the plains of South Dakota. 
The non-native animals have lived on Catalina Island since 1924, when 14 
animals were brought in for the filming of a silent movie called "The Vanishing 
The finished film had no footage of bison in it, but the woolly beasts found 
the ocean views to their liking, and have proliferated there ever since. 
But as the island's managers began in later years to focus on conservation, 
the resident status of the bison became a controversial issue. 

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