AR-News: (AK) Permits for aerial hunts of McGrath predators available

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Wed Nov 19 07:25:34 EST 2003

FAIRBANKS -- Bob Magnuson considers it his civic duty to kill a wolf every 
now and then. 
That's why he's planning to apply for a permit to hunt wolves with his 
airplane this winter after the Alaska Board of Game approved the state's first 
aerial wolf-hunting program in more than 15 years. 
"If you take a moose, you should take a wolf or five wolves," said Magnuson, 
a pilot who owns an air taxi service in the Bush village of McGrath. "You 
gotta maintain a balance." 
The program is aimed at increasing the number of moose for local subsistence 
hunters. The state wants to remove 40 wolves from a 2,200-square-mile area 
east of McGrath, the same area from which it captured and moved more than 80 
bears earlier this year before the moose calving season. 
Alaska voters essentially banned aircraft-assisted, land-and-shoot wolf 
hunting in ballot measures in 1996 and 2000, and while regulations allowing state 
biologists to shoot wolves from the air for predator control remain on the 
books, Gov. Frank Murkowski has refused to let state employees do it.

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