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EAST BAY - Here is a weekly listing of pets available for adoption at area 
animal shelters, as well as contact information and other resources for finding 
a pet. 
Bristol Animal Shelter 
*Four kittens, 7 weeks and 12 weeks; eight 6-month old kittens, neutered and 
spayed; a handful of young adults, spayed and neutered; two 18-month olds that 
are declawed. 
*Many adult cats: Long-haired, short-haired, all colors and sizes. All 
*Dogs: An 18-month-old Lhasa, blind, a sweetheart, needs a good home; a 
1-year-old Boxer; a spayed, female, 15-month old German shepherd; A neutered, 
1-year-old lab mix; Chance, a male 5-year-old shepherd-husky mix; and a 3-year-old 
spayed female pure-bred Belgian shepherd. 
*In great need of canned cat food and dog food. 
*For more information: Call 253-4834 or check the website at 
Sakonnet Veterinarians Hospital 
*Kittens: Two 10-week-old tigers; a 7-week-old tiger 
*Dogs: Ozzie, a 2-year-old shepherd-collie mix; Andy, a tan, male, 2-year-old 
Portuguese hunting dog; Tonka, a black-and-white pit bull; Malone, a big 
shepherd, 5 to 7 years old found in Tiverton; Doc, a neutered male beagle; and 
Louie, a male beagle. 
*For more information: Call 624-6624 or check the website at 
Barrington Services for Animals. 
*Lost: A male neutered cat wearing a blue collar with the name "Nemo." He is 
part Siamese with blue eyes, a light beige coat and dark brown ears and tail. 
Lost on Bay Road. 
*Lost: A black and white, 8-year-old female with a crook in her tail, named 
Annabelle, lost on Anthony Road. 
*In great need of dog and cat food! Food donations at Shaws will be very much 
*For more information: Call the Abbott Animal Hospital at 508/336-4430 for 
lost dogs. For lost and found cats and boarding, call 245-2284. 
Warren Animal Shelter 
*Beautiful cats of all types and colors from one year and up, all have been 
spayed and neutered. 
*All services performed at the shelter are done through the courtesy of 
Helping Hands for Animals, in cooperation with Warren Animal Hospital. 
*For more information: Call 245-4569. 
Local Shelters: 
Bristol Animal Shelter - 
Sakonnet Veterinarians Hospital 
Potter League for Animals - 
Tiverton/Little Compton Animal Shelter - 
Forever Paws Animal Shelter (Fall River, Ma) - 
Providence Animal Shelter - 
Providence Volunteer Services for Animals - 
Other resources for finding a pet:
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