AR-News: (PA) Service dog helps 4-year-old autistic child

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Mon Nov 17 06:09:30 EST 2003

MARKLEYSBURG - Sara Mitchell was accustomed to receiving glares and snide 
remarks from people who thought her 4-year-old son, Lucas, was misbehaving. It 
happened in the grocery store, the mall, or wherever they went. 

What others don't know is Lucas is autistic.

"If we put a toy in the cart, Lucas would grab for it and scream," Mitchell 
said. "He thought because we put it down in that cart that we weren't going to 
buy it for him. Because he's nonverbal and was screaming, people thought it 
was just bad behavior. People would tell us to control our son. We felt like we 
would have to defend Lucas' actions, or thought we should just stay at home or 
not take Lucas with us."

Thanks to a new best friend named Teagin, Lucas' life has changed 
dramatically. The trips to the grocery store or the mall won't be so traumatic. 

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it's animals are treated." ...Mahatma Gandhi
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