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SPEAC Action Alert - Email & Phone blockade on Wednesday & Thursday.

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of news stories on 
how Cambridge University is worried about funding for it's 
controversial proposal to build primate abusing laboratories. Despite 
misleading headlines, this does not mean that the labs are not going 
to be built.

The real subtext of these stories is that the University is running 
to the Government and co-funders of the laboratories such as the 
Wellcome Trust to beg for more money. The main reason why is the 
storm of publicity animal rights activists have kicked up over the 

Demos, leafletting and numerous actions against the university and 
it's constituent bodies such as the colleges, have shown that the 
animal rights movement is taking the campaign to prevent the labs 
from being built very seriously. They had completely underestimated 
our ability and desire to fight this battle.

The result is they are looking at vastly increased costs just on 
security. They realise that we will keep coming back until we get our 
way. It will be wasted money as we will stop these labs from ever 
being built - without question. The pressure is on and will not be 

As ever, we encourage people to get down to Cambridge and make their 
voices heard. There have already been many inspiring and innovative 
demos (see, but more are needed. Everyone in 
the university needs to hear about the scandal of the labs and made 
to realise that they cannot hide from the impact of the protests. 
Cambridge University's name needs to be dirt by the time we are 
finished with them.

For those who cannot make it, please take part in the forthcoming 
phone blockades. Below are the contact details for the Research 
Services Division of the University. These are the backroom men and 
women who help turn the University research into profitable 
businesses, and bring in outside sponsorship for research. They form 
an important source of funding of they university. You can be sure 
that they the will have been helping draw up the plans for the 
primate prison.

On Wednesday (19th) and Thursday (20th) we need everyone to take part 
in a phone/fax blockade of the Research Services Division. In the 
meantime get emailing and writing to make sure they get the message. 
We've arranged them in order of importance, so work out what you can 
afford and work your way down the list. At the end we've the emails 
of a good number of the other people in the division just so the do 
not feel left out either....

This will be a regular event, so get those coins and phone cards 
ready for next week's actions!

(ps: our email list has corrupted. We are rebuilding it at the moment 
but if you find yourself left of it, please email 
info at directly.)

Research Services Division
16 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1SB
Tel: 01223 333 543; Fax: 01223 332 988
Email: enquiries at

Dr David Secher - Director of Research Services
Tel: 01223 766 964; Email: david.secher at

Dr Richard Jennings - Director of Research Policy
Tel: 01223 765 008; Email: richard.jennings at

Simon Jones - Head of Research Collaboration
Tel: 01223 765213; Email: simon.jones at

Anthony Peake - Manager of Research Finance Group
Tel: 01223 766362; Email: anthony.peake at

Helen Jackson - Head of Legal Group
Tel: 01223 766 780; Email: helen.jackson at

Dr Geraldine Rodger - Biotechnology Manager
Tel: 01223 765 145; geraldine.rodgers at

List of all emails in the Research Services Division
david.secher at, richard.jennings at, 
simon.jones at, anthony.peake at, 
helen.jackson at, geraldine.rodgers at, 
margaret.perry at, caroline.baldwin at, 
nick.slaymaker at, monique.carew at, 
suzanne.warren at, michelle.hild at, 
renae.fullard at, ruth.griffiths at, 
alison.mcghee at, anne.sayer at, 
mark.goulding at, rosemary.boyle at, 
martin.hunt at, fauzia.farooq at, 
dawn.barker at, jenny.hyams at, 
karen.hewitt at, jenny.walsham at, 
lauren.ryan at, anne.dobree at, 
helen.atkinson at, barry.thompson at, 
anne.blackwood at, peter.austen at, 
kamlesh.chauhan at, annie.grant at, 
malcolm.grimshaw at, robert.mann at, 
clara.ovenston at, bronwyn.watson at, 
gail.diver at, keong.wee at, 
paul.seabright at, sarah.parker at, at,  margaret.wilkinson at, 
ted.krawec at, julie.taylor at, 
adjoa.tamakloe at, amanda.breen at, 
katherine.edwards at, miranda.weston-smith at, 
jason.benstead at

For more details on Stop Primate Experiments At Cambridge contact
PO Box 6712, Northampton, NN2 6XR, United Kingdom
Email: info at
Tel: +44 (0)845 330 7985
The information in this email is for the purpose of legal protest 
only; SPEAC does not encourage any illegal activities.
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