AR-News: (Australia) Pet ownership makes rabies more dangerous than SARS in China

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Sat Nov 8 09:35:34 EST 2003

Growing pet ownership is leading to an explosion in the incidence of rabies 
in China, making it a public health risk far more dangerous than SARS [Severe 
Acute Respiratory Syndrome], state media said. 
In southern Guangxi region alone, 312 people died from rabies in the first 
nine months, an increase of 153 per cent from the same period a year earlier, 
the Xinhua news agency reported. 
Weak public awareness of the health risks involved in dog ownership combined 
with low vaccination rates means China is sitting on a rabies time bomb, the 
agency reports. 
Last year, rabies killed 1,003 people nationwide, up from 854 the year 
By comparison, SARS, which caused mass panic when it erupted across China 
earlier this year, killed 349. 
-- AFP

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