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An editorial
November 4, 2003
Nearly 45 years after being shot and trapped out of existence in Wisconsin, 
the majestic timber wolf has regained its historic place as a top predator on 
the state's landscape. Its natural recovery began in the mid-1970s, after 
passage of both federal and state laws protecting endangered species. As of last 
winter, there were about 340 wolves living in northern and central Wisconsin. 
True conservationists cheer this success story. It's a simple biological 
truth that if a habitat can support wolves, it is healthy enough to support all 
the lower species on the food chain. Even with heavy development across the 
North Woods, wolves have found pristine spaces to quietly thrive. 
Wolves have met the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' population 
goal, and the agency wants to remove them from the state's endangered species 
list. Hearings are scheduled this week to receive public comment on reclassifying 
wolves as a protected nongame species. 
We support the reclassification and celebrate the wolf's recovery. DNR and 
federal biologists, together with hundreds of volunteers, have ably monitored 
the growing wolf population, educated the public to dispel myths, and sought 
innovative solutions to the occasional problem of wolves preying on livestock and 
hunting dogs. Wisconsin's collaborative wolf management practices are widely 
praised as a national model. 
Some people cannot abide wolves' natural predatory behavior. These 
trigger-happy wolf haters are already calling for the DNR to institute a hunting season. 
Methods exist to deal with problem wolves without resorting to a hunt. Let's 
honor this endangered species success story, not undercut it. 
Published: 7:13 AM 11/04/03

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