AR-News: FW: Situation Report 4: California Wildfires, November 3, 2003

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Tue Nov 4 09:39:50 EST 2003

Event:  California Wildfires
Date/Time:  Monday, 11/03/2003 12:00 p.m.
Filed By: HSUS Headquarters

San Diego County
As fires are being contained, the HSUS Team members have returned home
or have been redeployed to San Bernardino County.  

 Department of Animal Services is urging the public to bring animals
that they have found to several public facilities to allow owners to
find their lost animals.  The County has procedures to expedite this
reunification process.

Reunification Locations are:

Lost/found horses - The Del Mar Fairgrounds or the Department of Animal
Services at (619) 236-4250 (transportation available)  Lost/found
livestock (goats, pigs, chickens, etc.) - Department of Animal Services
at (619) 236-4250. Lost/found dogs, cats or other small animals - the
Department of Animal Services at (619) 236-4250, or  Take the animals to
any of the County shelters in Carlsbad, Bonita and Mission Valley.  
For more information on shelter locations visit: or call
(619) 236-4250.

Individuals Searching for their lost dogs, cats or other smaller animal
companions - Contact the Department of Animal Services at (619) 236-4250
or visit www.sddac.
San Bernardino County

It was a very busy weekend for HSUS staff and volunteers because weather
conditions permitted Rescue Teams to go into the San Bernardino mountain
communities.  These teams were responding to requests from residents who
were evacuated, but did not take their animals with them.  

HSUS teams worked out of the county shelters in Devore and Rancho
Cucamonga most of the weekend and, although they were very busy, it was
extremely rewarding to know that they had rescued more than 150 animals.
HSUS staff members and volunteers, were among those helping at the
shelters, which had almost been overwhelmed with the number of animal

HSUS Teams have rescued more than 154 animals, a menagerie of birds
(17), dogs (39), cats (62), chickens (24) rabbits (4) and an assortment
of exotic species requiring more specialized care.  An Iguana, sensitive
to changes in temperature, had to be kept warm.

Among those retrieved was a kitten, burned on the face and paws that was
brought to the team by a journalist.  The kitten, pulled from the ashes
of a Cedar Glen home, suffered burns to her paws and some slight
respiratory damage, was transported by the team to a veterinary

Teams find a variety of circumstances as they respond to rescue calls,
in once instance 12 animals and birds were found in one home.
Amazingly, some pets have been found that have escaped a completely
burned out home. Incomprehensibly, some dogs were left chained or in
fenced yards to perish in the fire or the nighttime cold weather. 

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