AR-News: (CA) Fugitive cat lady proves as elusive as her pets

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Sun Nov 2 08:41:14 EST 2003

PETALUMA -- Marilyn Barletta, who has been a fugitive from the law since 
July, is proving to be as elusive and skittish as the stray cats she adores. 

It’s been four months since Barletta, 64, failed to appear at a Sonoma County 
Superior Court hearing. She was out on $50,000 bail pending a trial on felony 
animal cruelty charges for keeping approximately 200 cats in squalid 
conditions in her Petaluma home. 

Barletta has managed to make two trips over the past four months to Florida, 
where her mother and brother live, according to Steve Heffelfinger, of Wine 
Country Investigations in Windsor. He’s been tracking Barletta and trying to 
bring her back to court. Heffelfinger said Barletta has colored her hair twice, 
going from silver to blonde to brunette, and is living off cash. 

It can truly be said:  Men are the devils of the earth, and the animals are 
the tormented souls. --Arthur Schopenhauer 
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