AR-News: (JA) Fw: Sea turns red in slaughter of dolphins

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Sea turns red in slaughter of dolphins
By Miles Edelsten in Taija, Japan

30 October 2003

Anti-whaling activists trying to stop the killing of dolphins released 
video footage yesterday of a recent hunt in a small Japanese fishing town

that shows blood-filled coves and several dead dolphins being taken
in boats.

The footage captures the end of a hunt, where dolphins are corralled into

small coves.

Though subject to quotas set by the government, the hunts are not banned 
under Japanese law and are not subject to international regulations
they are near the shore.

Nik Hensey, an activist, said: "It's a wholesale slaughter, which results

in immense suffering for these animals."

The tape was shot by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an American 
group, in the western town of Taiji. A fishermen's union representative 
said the kills were as humane as possible. (AP)

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