AR-News: (AZ) Winslow’s newly City-run animal shelter is once again helping dogs and cats

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Wed Oct 29 21:03:29 EST 2003

By Cressent Buckles 
Winslow Mail 
Winslow’s newly City-run animal shelter is once again helping dogs and cats 
become members of families thanks to their new adoption policies.

 Winslow Animal Control officer Derinda Lewis gives Max one of his daily 
walks at the shelter.

“The shelter’s aggressive adoption policy has really gotten off to a good 
start,” said John Roche, Winslow’s City Administrator. “The shelter began 
adopting out animals just a few days after the City resumed animal control within 
the city limits.”

According to City Animal Control Officer John Mitchell, the shelter, as of 
Friday, October 24, has adopted out three cats and seven dogs to citizens of the 

He explained the adoption process is a simple one. Families can come into the 
shelter and pick out the animal they wish to adopt. They then fill out a 
short and simple adoption form and “within just a few short minutes, one wishing 
to adopt can be on their way home with their new pet.”

The animal control officers are currently responding to calls concerning 
animals within the city limits. Dogs or cats that stray from their home and are 
picked up by the City’s animal control officers will be taken to the shelter 
until an owner can come and claim them. An impoundment fee of $35 must be paid to 
remove an animal from the shelter. This fee, according to Roche, is to remind 
pet owners to keep a closer eye on their animals.

Shelter, page 4

The City has hired animal control officers who currently are undergoing free 
on-the-job training provided by the Arizona Humane Society. The City is still 
taking applications for an Animal Control Supervisor and hopes to start the 
interview process sometime this week, said Roche.

He added once the Animal Control Supervisor is hired, the shelter can began 
boarding cats and dogs. They can also begin city-wide pet registration the City 
hopes to have underway after the New Year. Roche said citizens of Winslow 
will need to come into the shelter and fill out new pet registration forms to be 
kept on file. This is because no records of past pet registration remain from 
the Winslow Humane Society. 

The animal shelter is currently accepting donations of dog/cat foods, cat 
litter, blankets, towels, newspapers, laundry detergents, and first aid supplies 
for the animals. Monetary contributions will also be accepted.

The Winslow Police Department has asked people to take their pet owning 
responsibilities seriously by having pets spayed or neutered to help offset the 
animal population.

Roche added he hopes the citizens of Winslow will be patient while the City 
is remodeling and reorganizing the animal control shelter. 


I am sometimes asked, 'Why do you spend so much of your time and money 
talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men?' I answer, 
'I am working at the roots.'" ~ George T. Angell
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