AR-News: (US) One CA Wildfire started by lost hunter

Verush at Verush at
Mon Oct 27 09:20:57 EST 2003

>From USA Today report (10/27/03):

"... Nine people were killed by the so-called Cedar Fire in San Diego County, the state's largest blaze at approximately 100,000 acres. About 260 homes, ranging from modest to expensive, were destroyed. 

The victims included two people who died inside their car as they apparently tried to escape the flames, which some witnesses said moved so fast they didn't get any warning. 

Among others killed were one person whose body was found in a motor home, and three in other vehicles, San Diego county sheriff's spokeswoman Susan Knauss said. Three were killed while trying to escape on foot and two were dead on arrival at local hospitals. 

The fire was ignited Saturday near the mountain town of Julian when a lost hunter set off a signal fire, authorities said. The hunter was detained and may face charges."

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