AR-News: Now Available: No Compromise Issue 22!

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Sat Oct 25 14:49:49 EDT 2003

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Issue 22 of No Compromise is now available! This issue is packed with news
on the latest happenings from the grassroots animal liberation movement.
Included in this issue:

- Going the Distance for Animal Liberation Focus: 
   - An Interview with A.L.F. Press Officer Robin Webb (read it online at
   - Utilitarian Ethics
   - The Psychology of Dropping Out (read it online at
   - Avoiding Over-commitment
   - Junk Food Vegans
   - Battling On with Keith Mann and more!
- Rod Coronado's column: "In the Spirit of Resistance" (read it online at
- Hunt Sabs 101
- Harrassment by a Federal Grand Jury
- Snitch Lessons
- Week of Protests Against Vivisectors' Conference
- Shadow Activist: Billboard Liberation (read it online at
- Corporate Media Debate: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?
- Trenches Spotlight: Animal Rights Hawai'i (read it online at
- In The Trenches: Directory of Grassroots Animal Liberation Organizations
- Activist Resources
- and more!

Every issue of No Compromise contains the latest in news and alerts from
worldwide grassroots animal liberation organizations, Animal Liberation
Front action updates, activist interviews, special focus sections, useful
how-to information and commentary. No Compromise is published quarterly and
produced entirely by activists for activists.

Subscription Rates (One Year)

[  ] $15 Regular Subscription
[  ] $10 Student/Low Income
[  ] $20 Outside US
[  ] $15 Renewal
[  ] $15 Gift Subscription

To get your one-year subscription, send a check or money order to us at the
address below or order via our website (

Checks should be made out and sent to:
No Compromise
740A 14th Street #125
San Francisco, CA 94114

Attention Infoshops, Organizations and Distros: If you are interested in
becoming a distributor for  No Compromise, please contact
kim at


No Compromise always welcomes submissions. Please send us your artwork,
photos and writing! We reserve the right to edit submissions for length if
the recommendations are not followed. 

Deadlines for Next Issue:
> November 13: Features, News, Opinion, Letters and Trenches
> November 18: Advertisements

Maximum lengths for submissions:
> Features: 1300 words
> News: 600 words
> Opinion: 700 words
> Letters: 250 words

All submissions ready for publication should be e-mailed to
submit at If you have a news brief/alert, press release or
event announcement, it should be e-mailed to briefs at
Submissions will also be accepted via postal mail to the address below.
Please send a SASE if you would like materials returned.


No Compromise is dedicated to unifying the grassroots animal liberation
movement by providing a forum where activists can exchange information,
share strategy, discuss important issues within the movement, network with
each other in an open and respectful environmnent and strengthen the

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