AR-News: (CA) CSIS spies overseas need support at home

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Wed Oct 22 08:17:58 EDT 2003

[opinion from Montreal Gazette]

Canadians should be neither surprised nor alarmed to learn, as we did last
week, that our security and intelligence agency has for years been spying
overseas. After all, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was
created specifically to gather information on threats to Canada's national
security. Given many such threats originate outside Canada, how else could
CSIS look for information but through covert operations abroad?
However, certain of CSIS's domestic operations do raise some questions. In
its most recent annual report, the agency mentions monitoring of some
Canadian animal rights activists and environmentalists.

Certainly, a few crackpots or extremists in those and other special causes
might be capable of violence. But as far as we can tell, regular police
forces should be able to cope with whatever menace to public order might
spring from such movements. CSIS should use every penny, every man-hour,
to concentrate on the real threats, wherever they are.

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