AR-News: (US) Far from Mideast, home-grown eco-terrorism on rise

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Sun Oct 19 00:48:55 EDT 2003

Rhinelander - Beneath a cluster of stumps spread over a grassy flat, the
fungi are finishing the job, completing the annihilation of much of a
life's work.

For 18 years, U.S. Forest Service researcher Don Riemenschneider had
raised and documented 500 poplars, devoting such attention to them that
the trees became, he said, like his children. Over the decades, his
technical and time-consuming labors to breed resistance to a certain
cottonwood canker went largely unwatched.

Except, that is, by the "Elves."

In the darkness of July 20, 2000, members of the Earth Liberation Front
(ELF) crept onto the grounds of the Rhinelander Forest Service research
station and mauled the trees that Riemenschneider had known since they
were buds.
These activists, condemned by much of the mainstream environmental
movement and belonging to such groups as ELF, the Animal Liberation Front
(ALF) and a newly emerging group calling itself Revolutionary Cells, have
claimed responsibility for bombing research laboratories, torching posh
housing developments, releasing animals, cutting brake lines and sending
razors and threats to those whom they consider ideological enemies.
In recent weeks, California animal-rights activist Rick Bogle, who lived
for a time in the 1990s in Jefferson, Wis., sent threatening form e-mails
to several researchers at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
in Madison, suggesting that they be jailed.

"Greetings slime: No clearer example of evil incarnate exists than the
informed decision to use other primates in hurtful experimentation," he
wrote. " . . . Your elimination is justified."

In a phone interview, Bogle acknowledged sending the e-mail to hundreds of
researchers. He said the animal-rights movement has been radicalized by
frustration that many elements of the research community and the corporate
world - in the activists' view - fail to act ethically, and by the
public's failure to take notice.

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