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[article from NY Daily News - 10/15/03 - about NY Post reporter who
bought a lion cub for a story and then dumped the sick animal at Noah's
Lost Arc - the same sanctuary where authorities sent Ming, the tiger who
was living in a Harlem apartment - please see below if you would like to
donate to this sanctuary]

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He misses his mommy 
Where's the love for lion cub? Ask the Post 

Boomerang, the 10-day-old lion cub snatched from his mom and left at Ohio
animal shelter in bungled Post stunt, remains in bad shape. 

Help save Boomerang!

Baby Boomerang was missing the mother he'll never see again - forced to
make do yesterday with stuffed animals and heating pads. 
Two days after a New York Post reporter dumped the lion cub at an animal
sanctuary in a cruel stunt, Boomerang was still struggling to recover
from dehydration and possible pneumonia. 
"He cuddles up to stuffed animals. I'm sure he's used to lying with his
sister, next to his mother," said Ellen Whitehouse, director of Noah's
Lost Ark sanctuary in Ohio. "Stuffed animals are the best I can provide
for him." 
The 4-pound cutie, who cannot regulate his own body temperature, was
wrapped in heating pads and being watched around the clock. 
He was ripped away from his mother at 1-week-old - nearly two months
before the two should have been separated. 
Authorities are still investigating Post reporter Al Guart for buying the
cub from a roadside breeder that all-too-painfully demonstrated the sins
of illicit animal dealers. 
Guart planned to bring the cub to a California animal preserve but
panicked after Boomerang got sick, and brought him to Noah's Lost Ark. 
A local cop said Guart probably won't be charged, but shouldn't have
abruptly abandoned Boomerang. 
"I just wonder why he did it," said Maj. Michael Budd of the Mahoning
County Sheriff's Department. "That's not a very nice thing to do to a
little lion cub." 
In a statement put out by the Post, the Animal Sanctuary Association,
which had made plans to receive the cub from Guart, endorsed the paper's
caper. But other activists were aghast. 
That includes Richard Farinato of the Humane Society, who said yesterday
his words were twisted by the Post to make it seem he approved of the
stunt - spun as a lion "rescue" by the paper. 
"I don't support anybody buying an animal to prove you can do it,"
Farinato told The Daily News. "It's outrageous. You are creating more
misery for the animals." 
"I would not have bought the cub without a veterinarian and proper
precautions," added Kim Haddad of the San Francisco-based Captive Wild
Animal Protection Coalition. 
Even the "independent animal activist" who helped Guart find Boomerang
had regrets. "If we had to do it all over again, we probably should have
kept him," said William Long, 56, who ponied up $400 of the $1,000
purchase price for Boomerang. 
The fiasco embarrassed many in the Post's newsroom. "Most people think we
look pretty stupid," said one 
Help save Boomerang! 
It's going to take a lot of tender loving care to nurse little Boomerang
back to health.
Noah's Lost Ark animal refuge, which relies on volunteers and donations
to scrape by, said it will need $10,000 just to build the lion cub a
habitat — and thousands more for food and medicine.

The Daily News is asking its readers to pitch in to help save Boomerang.
Checks can be written out to the Noah's Lost Ark Animal Fund and sent to:
Farmer's National Bank of Canfield, c/o Noah's Lost Ark Animal Fund, 20
South Broad St., Canfield, Ohio 44406.

Originally published on October 15, 2003 

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