AR-News: (US) Schools may add soymilk to menus

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Tue Oct 14 08:03:17 EDT 2003

Washington, D.C. - Something new could be coming to school menus -
soymilk. First, however, Congress will have to settle a fight among the
nation's dairy producers and soybean growers.

Soybean farmers, in an unusual alliance with animal rights activists, are
lobbying Congress to reimburse schools for offering kids soymilk as an
alternative to cow's milk.
About 75 to 100 of the 21,000 students in the Des Moines school district
annually are served milk alternatives. The USDA does not keep records on
how many children nationwide receive milk alternatives.
The Broward County school system in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., experimented
with offering soymilk last year in an elementary school. The pilot program
was so successful - 15 percent to 20 percent of the kids chose soymilk
over cow's milk - that the district is going to repeat it this year, said
Raymond Papa, the district's food service director.
Among the most vocal proponents of getting soymilk in schools is the
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which opposes the use of
animals in research and the consumption of animal products. The group,
which has organized a letter-writing campaign in support of the soymilk
provision, says school lunches are "weapons of mass destruction" because
they include meat and milk.

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