AR-News: (US) Activists Demonstrate At Lab-Animal Science Convention

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Mon Oct 13 08:16:50 EDT 2003

SEATTLE -- When researchers are ready to test new drugs for humans,
animal-rights activists say they should leave animals alone.

Members of the Northwest Animal Rights Network in Seattle contend that the
use of animals in laboratory studies is neither necessary nor
scientifically sound. They say researchers should look to alternatives
such as computer-based models and human cell cultures.

"We're trying to confront these people with what they're doing, trying to
bring them face to face with their own conscience and encourage them to
find a more ethical way to make a living,' said Dr. Andrew Knight, a
veterinarian and outreach coordinator for the organization.

The group staged demonstrations over the weekend at the annual convention
of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, a gathering that
in past years has hosted more than 4,000 clinical veterinarians,
educators, researchers and business people.

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