AR-News: Pink interview mentions Prince William & hunting

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She's still smitten with Madonna, though.

(On-line article includes photos & video.)

Access Hollywood

Pink is open, outspoken and has no busy handlers running around trying to 
tailor her message. Although she's only 24, Pink is in total control and 
it's apparent from the lyrics on her new album, "Try This," that she grew up 

Years before the hit singles and mega-selling albums, Pink was a troubled 
teen struggling with drugs in Doylestown, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia. The 
experience was the basis for a new song off her upcoming album.

Although Pink's album is not out until November, she's already making the 
media rounds. Pink sat down with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush to discuss 
the record, her strongly-worded letter to Prince William and why a romp with 
Madonna never "materialized."

Billy Bush: Your first album "M!ssundaztood" sold five million copies and 
had a huge monster single. What are the goals here with the new disc?

Pink: Yeah, I really can't think about that kind of pressure, thank you! 
(laughs) I'm just trying to make good music and have some fun.

Billy: "Save My Life" is a song about someone who throws his life or her 
life away by getting back on drugs. You've done that. You were doing drugs 
at 14, right?

Pink: Yeah, 13, 14 and 15.

Billy: How heavy was that?

Pink: It was horrible.

Billy: What kind of drugs were you doing?

Pink: Oh, you name it.

Billy: Really?

Pink: Oh, yeah. People think that drugs are in the cities, but drugs are in 
the suburbs, man.

Billy: Doylestown, Pa., right?

Pink: Yeah, Doylestown. They're in every town. I was a bored, curious, 
frustrated kid. And I buried several friends, so I'm glad I learned it early 
because I won't be going back.

Billy: You've sworn off drugs now though.

Pink: Oh yeah. Just because I already know what it is. It's boring to me. It 
is what it is.

Billy: You're 24. What's left to explore now?

Pink: (laughs) I know. I drink beer now. I just have different goals now. I 
still like to have fun. I still know how to party, but you don't need to be 
on drugs to know how to party.

Billy: Did you recently write a letter to Prince William asking him to stop 

Pink: Yeah.

Billy: Did he answer you back?

Pink: No, I heard a rumor that his dad did but I never saw the letter.

Billy: What did you say in the letter?

Pink: Well, he wanted me to play at his birthday party and I said, 'No, 
because you hunt animals in Africa. You have a lot of money and you're a 
public figure and it would be nice if you weren't so ignorant.'

Billy: I understand that you were Madonna's first choice at the VMAs for the 
big smooch.

Pink: Originally, yes.

Billy: Why did you turn her down?

Pink: I was in Costa Rica. I couldn't be there for rehearsals. It was a 
logistical problem.

Billy: If the schedules had worked, would you have kissed Madonna?

Pink: Oh, yeah. I love Madonna! I would kiss Madonna right now, right here. 
Wouldn't you?

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