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October 12, 2003 
Steve Phipps wants to hear barking in the beginning, and then he wants only 
to hear a purr. 
Phipps is president and founder of a newly organized Blount County Humane 
Society. It is the beginning of what he hopes will become a no-kill refuge for 
homeless animals, he said. 
Phipps has been serving as executive director of AnimalWorks, headquartered 
in Alcoa. The clinic provides spay/neuter services for homeless animals and 
low-cost programs for pet owners short on cash. AnimalWorks also provides an 
adoption system for homeless animals. 
He says the organization has completed thousands of spay/neuters. AnimalWorks 
opened in 2001. 
Now, he says, he wants to move on to something bigger - a place for homeless 
animals where they won't be euthanized. 
The society will hold a kick-off informational meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, 
Oct. 16, at the Blount County Public Library. 
"We want to fill it up (with supporters)," he said. 
"I had this idea a long time ago,"he said. "Our first goal is to get 5,000 
Phipps said he wants other animal organizations to work with the humane 
society. He said Robin Grainger of AnimalWorks and Jon Grubb of BlountCARE - two 
existing animal welfare groups - "are members of our board." 
He said he hopes others who enjoy associations with animals will attend the 
"I am not against hunters," he said. "That is, those who act responsibly." 
He said he would like to see the day when a public shelter, where hundreds of 
dogs and cats are killed, would not be needed. He'd like to see organizations 
like the humane society take care of the animals. 
Money is always a problem for such organizations, he said. 
The first fund raising will request donations for the "Start to Bark" 
campaign, followed by a sustained giving or "Purr Challenge" to keep it going 
long-term. It will be called the Bark and Purr Club Challenge. 
John Stiles, Blount County editor, may also be reached at 865-981-9101. 
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