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Thursday, October 2, 2003 
Humane Society faces 
competition for city contract
Animal control duties will 
be put up for bid, but the group
may still hold the advantage


By Crystal Kua
ckua at
For the first time in nearly 70 years, the city is preparing to seek bids
for animal control services.

But the Hawaiian Humane Society, the only organization to hold the city
contract since 1934, could end up being selected again.

By the end of the month, the city is expected to issue a call for
proposals to provide services such as enforcing animal control laws.

The Humane Society's $1.64 million contract with the city expired June
30, but the nonprofit organization was given a six-month, $800,000
extension while the city prepares to solicit bids. 

The relationship between the city and the Humane Society dates to 1915
when the society was designated to provide a pound, said Carol Costa,
director of the city Department of Customer Services, which oversees the
animal control contract. Since then, the society has taken over more

"The city basically got out of the animal control business back in 1934,"
said Gerry Silva, Customer Services deputy director.

Last year, the Humane Society announced it would no longer enforce laws
against animal noise after it failed to get an $80,000 funding increase.

The City Council then removed the specific reference to the society as
the animal control contractor from the city law, making it easier to seek
a new contractor.

Council Budget Chairwoman Ann Kobayashi asked the administration
yesterday why it was taking so long to set up the process to solicit
vendors for services.

Silva responded: "The contract is important. It is complex. We do want to
make sure that the (request for proposals) covers all of the bases to
include the animal shelter portions, the law enforcement portions. That's
what's taking so long."

Kobayashi's committee passed a resolution yesterday urging the
administration to solicit bids.

Critics of the Humane Society lauded the resolution.

"We've done a lot to try and get the corrupt Harris administration to put
this out," said Frank De Giacomo of the Animal CARE Foundation. "We think
this is worth an effort by the Council to try to rid Honolulu of these
heinous animal abusers."

The Humane Society plans to submit a bid for the new contract,
spokeswoman Eve Holt said.


City & County of Honolulu
Hawaiian Humane Society
Animal CARE Foundation

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