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Subj: Arkansas - puppies in desperate need of homes 
Date: 10/6/2003 8:54:38 PM Eastern Standard Time 
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Please help, they just put to sleep numerous puppies!!! They are so full,
especially of puppies, can't you just take 1 or 2. They're only babies.
Animals Available at Little Rock Animal Services
3800 South Chester, Little Rock, AR 72206

Viewing hours, M - F, 11:30 - 5:00.

Contact Little Rock Animal Services (501) 376-3067

These animals only have on the average of 3 days to live once they arrive,
Please help them.

All Dogs under 55 pounds $90, over 55 pounds $110



131469 F Save Stuff! Avl NOW Poor little Stuff (bad enough to be named
Stuff) has been tossed out by her owners. She is only 10 months old. She
has a darling personality, very frisky and loving. Just think, if you
adopt this little gal and you can have all the fun of planning her first
birthday party in 2 months. :) Don't wait, this girl is out of time.
Owner surrenders are the first to die and any day could be this sweet pup's

133699 M Lab/hound mix avl 9/12

133922 M Thin German Shep Avl 9/22 Somebody hasn't been very nice to
this handsome boy. He is very thin and cautious. He needs someone to work
with him and show him there are good people in the world. Is that person you?
Stray from Jackson

133934 F Pit X & Pups Avl 9/23 This poor mommy doesn't want us to open
her kennel. She is very protective of her babies. Stray from Commerce,
wearing a brown leather collar.

133935-133937 Precious Pit Pups Avl 9/23 ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS OLD

134351 M Shep/Hound X Avl 9/26 Here he is folks...the perfect all
purpose dog. This guy is ready to join you anywhere from camping to couch.
This ole boy has a wonderful personality and soaks up the petting. Stray from
Sharon Road.

134360 Little Chow X Girl Avl 9/26 This girl was tranqed and is unsure
about the scary place she finds herself in. She is a little lady with
big dignity, a reserved calm girl to brush and cuddle. Stray from W. 16th

134503 F Shep Mix Flea Collar Avl 9/29 Shep mix girl stray from W. 50th,
wearing a white flea collar

134541 F & 134540 Male 134316A (Blk) PUPPIES

134599 M AusShep X Green Collar avl 9/29

134640 M Pit/Lab Kissing Bandit Avl 9/30 This big lug is so sweet. He is
full of kisses and hugs for anybody who gets close enough for him to get
his paws on them. What a sweetheart. Stray from Knollwood.

134654 M Lab X Pup Laidback Avl 9/30 This little pup is scared right
now, but he just needs some love to bring him around. Can you help this
little sweetpea get another chance? Stray from Fulton.

134680 M Lab X Puppy

134744 M Golden Ret Avl 9/30 This calm, gorgeous boy is running out of
time. The girl he came in with was lucky enough to get rescued, but this
poor boy was left behind. He is an outstanding dog. If you want a big
boy with a sweet personality don't let this guy get away. He is a beauty.
Stray from John Barrow.

134838 M Hound Avl 10/1 Black, white & brown male hound mix. Found at
2700 S. Booker.

134846A Fem Shep mix, Avl 10/01/03 Female black and brown Shepard mix.
Shy but sweet. Stray from Park Lane

135014 Male Collie Mix, Avl 10/01/03 Brown and White Male Collie mix.
Likes attention. Stray from Rock Street

135029 Male Pit mix, Avl 10/02/03 Pretty boy! Brown and white Pit Bull
mix. Stray from Roosevelt/McAlmont.

135041A Fem Pit Brindle, Avl 10/2/03 Scared Female brindle Pit Bull.
Stray from Col. Glenn Road

135147 Golden Ret Female Avl 10/2/03 Shy female Golden Retriever mix.
Stray from El Road.

135169 Male Red Shep x, Avl 10/2/03 Male, red Chow/Shep mix. Sweet eyes!
Stray from Hindman Golf Course

135202 Male Chow mix, Avl 10/02/03 Male Chow Chow mix. Soft coat. Stray
from Woodson. VERY CUTE BABY

135285A M, Blk Lab, Avl 10/3/03 Thin, male black Lab. Stray from
Woodland Drive.

135335A Female Shep x, Avl 10/3/03 Sweet female Shepard mix. Stray from
Harper/Mize Roads.

135434A Female Terr mix, Avl 10/06/03 Benji! This girl is so sweet.
Female Terrier. Stray from Garfield. BENJI LOOKALIKE

135437 F & 8 M avl 10/06 lab/chesapeake Angel is a female black Labrador
mix. T.J. is ID'd as a lab/spaniel but he could easily be a Chesapeake
Bay Retriever mix. Strays from Brush Creek

135438 M "T.J." avl 10/06 chesapeake? Angel is a female black Labrador
mix. T.J. is ID'd as a lab/spaniel but he could easily be a Chesapeake
Bay Retriever mix. Strays from Brush Creek

135440,135441,135498, 135499, 135500 Bunch of Bostons 10/6 How cute are
is this bunch of Boston Terrier mix babies. All kinds, all colors, 3 boys,
2 girls. Darling frisky babies ready to come to your house on 10/6. Stray
from Gains

135443 M Collie X Avl 10/6 Stray from Louisiana

135444 Gorgeous Chow X Girl Avl 10/6 What a beauty. This girl is so
graceful and pretty. She has a great personality, friendly and calm. She
would make a wonderful companion. Stray from Louisiana

135476 F Lab Pup Youngster Avl 10/6 Sweet, shy pup trapped on Chester

135543 Alaskan Malamute X Avl 10/7 This blue eyed beauty is a very
striking dog. Great markings and such cute little ears. Friendly boy,
stray from Skylark Drive.

135544 F Lab Pup Black Collar Avl 10/7 Stray pup from W. 14, wearing a
black nylon collar

135545 M Lab/Hound X Avl 10/7 Friendly boy stray from Wakefield-Landcast

135546 Lucy Jack Russel Pup Avl 10/7 Little Lucy is so cute. This tiny
frisky girl loves to play and is an absolute doll. Stray from Granite

135554 Neutered Peke Boy Avl 10/7 Cutiepie Peke, Stray from Arch,
wearing a black nylon collar

135567 Funny Boy Hound Avl 10/7 This guy is a riot. Friendly and sweet
as can be and how can you not love that big goofy grin. Impounded from
Bansfield Vet

135568 M Lab X black collar avl 10/7 Sweet lab boy impounded from
Bansfield Vet

135569 Rottie Girl Avl 10/8 Nice Rottie girl stray from War Memorial

135570 M Chow X Brown Collar avl 10/8 This skinny, timid boy is very
sweet, he loves to be petted once he knows you aren't going to hurt him.
Poor guy, I don't think he has known much kindness in his life. Stray
from Eaton, wearing a brown leather collar.

135584 F Chow X Blue Collar Avl 10/8 Stray from Center wearing a blue
nylon collar

135635 F Shep Starved on Chain Avl 10/6 This little girl breaks my
heart. She is so thin and timid. Some moron has been starving her on the end
a chain, no food, no water, no love, just hunger and fear. For all the
misery she has known, she still loves people and craves attention.
Please help this sweet little girl get a chance to know happiness. God knows
She deserves it. Owner relinquish from Johnson Street. 2521

135653 F Shep X Nice Avl 10/9 Nice, calm girl, stray from Mablevale

135772 F Rat terrier x avl 10/10 Scared Poor girl! She's a sweetie, but
she's a bit intimidated in here. She perks up when she sees the kennel
techs she knows, so the "hangdog" look is probably temporary.

135791 M JRT avl 10/13 How cute!! How cute!! This is a wiggly little
bundle, so tiny and sweet! Seems very friendly, and would love to come
home with you.

135597 M Shep x avl 10/8 Shy boy Beautiful dog, but not quite sure what
to make of the lady with the camera. His tail was wagging, though, and he
seemed like he wanted to make friends...

135766 F Terrier avl 10/10 Feeling blue Poor girl, she's right by the
gate, watching everyone that passes. Won't you come rescue this sweet
girl? Her eyes are almost human...

135787 M Shep/chow avl 10/10 Stray from 4200 W. 7th, wearing red collar.
Nice looking dog, calm and seems friendly

135796 F Shep x avl 10/13 Pregnant mom This girl looks like she's about
to burst! Sure hope someone can help her and her little babies to be...give
them a chance at life, can't you?

135795 M Lab avl 10/13 Handsome! Nice looking guy, friendly. Has almost
a chocolate sheen to his coat--very pretty

135604 F Shep x avl 10/8 Rough times Poor girl has a beat-up nose and
could use some TLC. Her kennel card identifies her as male, but methinks
the photos make it obvious she is a girl.

135794 M Pit "Blackie" avl 10/8 Dumped Poor Blackie was abandoned by his
owner. He's a sweet, shy dog who'd just love a good home. One that won't
treat him like disposable goods.

135663 Male Shep x avl 10/9 Gorgeous! This beautiful stray looks to me
like he's got some Weimeraner in him... he's not black and tan so much
as gray and tan. Utterly beautiful with a very sweet disposition. He's a
keeper! Come and claim him!

135654 M Pit x avl 10/9 Sweetheart Very handsome dog, with a big wide
pitbull head. Seems docile and friendly

135580 M Choco lab avl 10/8 Great dog! He's so chocolate he looks like a
Hershey bar. Beautiful dog, very friendly, would love to romp and play
with your family.

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