AR-News: MX - This Is Fun, but Did Anyone Ask the Dolphins?

Orville A Knudsen oak at
Wed Oct 1 23:44:47 EDT 2003

This Is Fun, but Did Anyone Ask the Dolphins?


CANCÚN, Mexico — Thousands of tourists come here every year to swim with
dolphins, expecting mystical encounters or unmatched educational
experiences. Whether at water parks or even at a mall, the price for an
hour's swim is about $100 — not counting the videos, photographs, T-shirts
or dolls to commemorate fleeting moments riding atop the snouts of two
sleek creatures.

But the real cost is much higher, according to a growing international
protest movement of environmentalists and animal rights advocates who say
there is nothing educational about turning wild animals into lucrative
rides and who are outraged over the recent deaths of two captive dolphins
at an amusement park.

Their past protests led the Mexican government to ban the capture of local
dolphins, and the legislature is considering prohibiting imports as well.
Now the protesters have turned the tourist-rich Yucatán Peninsula, where
there are now nine swim programs, into the front lines of the dolphin


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