AR-News: (USA) PA family, special search...looking for a special dog to adopt!

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Wed Oct 1 17:30:22 EDT 2003

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>  Hi,
>  I've seen your email in some of the postings in 'find
>  fido' type mailing lists.  We have two make golden
>  retrievers, one from a rescue in ohio.  One is getting
>  a bit older.We have a great home with 2 small boys (4
>  and 2).    am looking for a special pup that we'd take
>  in to ease the transition for the maniac from the
>  rescue (you know the type) if we lose the older one. 
>  She would be a long-coated lab/ australian shepard mix
>  type, white markings with maybe even one blue eye.
>  Why so specific?  We had a girl like this in the
>  1990's (Addie) when we were students and she was quite
>  special  Never a replacement, just looking for similar
>  temperament, intelligence, etc.
>  I'd like to ask if you hear of any such opportunities,
>  to please send them along to me.  Please feel free to
>  forward this request to any rescue or doggie saver
>  discussion lists.  Also, my wife is Maureen is looking
>  for ways to help.  We've been in pittsburgh for a year
>  and live in Allison Park.
>  Cheers,
>  Jim
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