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Subject: (shac-uk) Campaign Update-Sunlight pull & legal information
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Campaign Update – Sunlight pull & legal information

In response to the massive outpouring of anger over the discovery that Sunlight was still supplying laundry services to Huntingdon Life Sciences, the company has decided to pull it’s services. Let this be a lesson to any company who try to pull a fast one on the animal rights movement. We will not be bluffed, and all such attempts only cause us to redouble our efforts. Our intelligence is too good; we have supporters everywhere and we will always discover when we are being lied to.

So a big thank you to everyone who took part. A solid message has been sent out, and HLS are now scrabbling around for other companies foolish enough to wash their blood stained clothing. Maybe the workers having to don unwashed, bloodstained whitecoats will make them wake up to just what a foul business they are working in.

Many of you who participated in the Japanese customers action alert will have received a vaguely threatening email from one Helen McNamee of F2 Chemicals, alleging you had done something criminal by sending in a polite email asking them not to use HLS. 

Ms McNamee’s employer is part of a group of companies trying to suppress the right to protest by abusing the Harassment Act (set up to stop stalking) against campaigners. This is currently being vigorously fought in the courts.

Her response to you was a crude attempt to stifle people and put us off campaigning. We have consulted with our own lawyers and they had the following points as to why Ms McNamee claims were out of order:
1) In order for you to have done something illegal by email the Japanese customers, you would have to be aware of the terms of the injunction. Emailing you with a reference number is simply not enough, and you have to be served in person. THUS IT WAS INCORRECT OF HER TO SAY THAT YOU HAD BREACHED THE INJUNCTION AND YOU HAVE NOT COMMITTED ANY OFFENCE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PERSONALLY SERVED WITH A COPY OF IT.
2) The injunction prohibits “direct abusive or threatening” emails to workers and directors of the company. This does not include emails to the company as a whole, and it does not prohibit polite emails to the workers. Ms McNamee, in her response, has over stated the situation in an attempt to scare you. If you sent her a polite email then you have not breached the injunction.
3) The police are not going to come knocking on your door because you send a polite email to Ms McNamee or any other email mentioned in the action alert.
4) The injunction only applies to people acting in the UK, and named in the actual injunction. For the vast majority of you, this is not applicable to you, especially if you are emailing from outside of the UK.

This is a pathetic attempted to suppress our right to protest. It only makes us angrier – Sunlight has pulled, so below are the Japanese customer email addresses again. Email them again, and let them know you are not going to be intimidated by their empty threats. We have something more important to fight for, the lives of animals being tortured with chemicals produced by the likes of F2 Chemicals and their colleagues.

Plus, there is no reason why you cannot use obscure webmail accounts (avoid Hotmail and Yahoo as they are filtered out), from libraries and Internet cafes. We will be heard.
Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers: Tel: 01253 861 800; Fax: 01253 861 950; Email: info at & paul_glennie at 

F2 Chemicals: Tel: 01772 775 800; Fax: 01772 775 809; Email: helen.mcnamee at 

ACT Tech (UK) Ltd: Tel: 01604 671150; Fax: 01604 671140 

Glaverbel UK Ltd: Tel: 01788 535 535; Fax: 01788 560 853, 

Yamanouchi: Tel: 01784 274 317; Fax: 01932 35 3458; Email: joe.harford at 

Daiichi: Tel: 020 7936 2850; Fax: 020 7583 6035 ogradyj at, yagawak at, info at, webmaster at 

Eisai: Tel: 020 8600 1400 / 0207 388 4746; Fax: 0207 413 1121 / 020 8600 1401 

Shin-Etsu: Tel: 01506 415 555; Fax: 01506 471 171; Email: websales1 at, websales2 at, websales3 at, webmaster at 

Santen: jyrki.liljeroos at, dkraft at 

Sumitomo Pharmaceutical: Tel: 020 8600 7700; Fax: 020 8600 7755; Email: nakarai at 

Sankyo: Tel: 01494 766 866; Fax: 01494 766 557; Email: info at & balabalendra at, 

Krehalon UK Ltd: Tel: 01482 865 277; Fax: 01482 865 277; Email: info at 

A list of all emails in this action alert is here: 
info at, paul_glennie at, helen.mcnamee at, joe.harford at, ogradyj at, yagawak at, info at, webmaster at, websales1 at, websales2 at, websales3 at, webmaster at, jyrki.liljeroos at, dkraft at, nakarai at, info at, balabalendra at, info at 

This action alert was brought to you by the Close HLS Campaign (CHC); CHC is an internet based campaign for encouraging peaceful protest against all vivisection. 

For general information on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, please visit the websites, and; alternatively, contact Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630 or by email at info at Nothing in this email is intended to encourage illegal acts of any kind in whatever country you are reading it from. 

Please feel free to forward this email on. 

Tell of your passion of the causes you fight for! 

"Hunting ... the least honorable form of war on the weak". 

- Paul Richard 

Don't just question animal abuse. Interrogate it, impugn it, tear it down, dismember it, bury it, and when the mood strikes you, dance on its grave! 

"My doctrine is this: that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and we do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt." 

- Anna Sewell, (English Novelist) 

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