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    Dear friends of Primates;

    In the last issue of the Simian Society publication was an add for a Veterinarian Clinic in  Raleigh, North Carolina.
    They say in their add....
    "Expert Medical Attention & Professional advice* Boarding, Surgery & Consultations"

    This being in a primate newsletter, I am very concerned that they may be asked to do elective surgeries on many primates kept in the pet sector. As many of you know I have made it a personal goal to stop the unnecessary surgeries done to primates ;
    RE:  Total tooth extractions, unneeded hysterectomies, tail removal, fingernail removal, etc.
    I have written this group of DVM's and told them I have several NHP's that have had these things done to them and the long term effects are horrendous!
    I don't speak nearly as eloquently as many of you so I am asking (pleading actually) that you visit their web site and send them a message as to how appalling this procedure, if performed for non medical reasons actually is. (I did mention ethics and it being immoral)
    Thank you for you help in my goal to save healthy teeth!

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