AR-News: (Norway) Do jellyfish kill puffins?

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Wed Sep 24 21:26:07 EDT 2003

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Puffins deaths may be linked to jellyfish

Scientists examining the death of more than 300 puffins in Norway say a
poisonous jellyfish may be to blame.

Many of the birds were undernourished and some had been seen flying
erratically before crashing.

Conservationists say they may have been blinded by the jellyfish which are
known to have blinded nearby farmed salmon.

The birds normally nest on rocky outcrops and are startled easily but a
large number have come ashore and haven't reacted at all to people.

Georg Bangjord, a county environmental official in the region, said: "It
seems the birds have gone blind."

The bodies have been sent for examination by vets in Oslo according to

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