AR-News: (US) Environmental group claims responsibility for incendiary devices

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Wed Sep 24 17:54:31 EDT 2003

MARTINY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -- A radical environmental group has claimed
responsibility for leaving homemade incendiary devices inside a
water-bottling plant's pumping station.

Some plastic bottles containing a liquid substance were discovered Monday
afternoon by Ice Mountain Spring Water Co. workers conducting a regular
maintenance check of the station. Someone broke into the station and left
the devices there.

Company spokeswoman Deb Wudyka said Wednesday the liquid was flammable and
its purpose apparently was to start a fire rather than cause an explosion.
No injuries were reported.

"We will no longer stand idly be (sic) while corporations profit at the
expense of all others. To this end, we have taken action against one of
the pumping stations that Perrier uses to steal water," the Earth
Liberation Front said in a news release. 

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