AR-News: Fwd: PETA Considers Legal Action Against Martha Stewart

jim robertson wolfcrest at
Wed Sep 24 16:13:50 EDT 2003

>PETA Considers Legal Action Against Martha Stewart on Cruelty Charges
>Martha Stewart Living should change its name to Martha Stewart Dying. On a 
>recent show, the domestic diva (or domestic terrorist, if you happen to be 
>an animal) removed live soft-shell crabs from their shells and fried them 
>while they writhed around in the pan. Just a few episodes previously, 
>Martha boiled live lobsters and commented that lobsters dont have a central 
>nervous system, despite marine biologists'claims to the contrary.
>As Connecticut law protects all animals from mutilation and cruel killing, 
>PETA's lawyers are considering legal action. One cannot justify the willful 
>and callous act of deliberately choosing to remove the shells of conscious 
>crabs and allowing the animals to writhe in a hot pan, cooking them to 
>death as they struggle.
>Please contact Martha to register your complaint:
>Martha Stewart
>Executive Producer
>Martha Stewart Living
>19 Newtown Tpke.
>Westport, CT 06880-1802
>203-840-7089 (fax)

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