AR-News: [shac-uk] Action Alert - Japanese Customers

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Mon Sep 15 12:22:32 EDT 2003

>From SHAC-UK:

***CloseHLS ACTION ALERT – Japanese Customers***

“He who hath not stomach for the fight, 
Let them now depart”
William Shakespeare, Henry V

The message cannot be made any clearer. Despite everything said and done over the last few years to destroy our morale and spirit; despite the words and actions of those who have opposed us, we have never bowed before those who would break us. We have never bowed before those who would stand between us and the closure of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Not once have we wavered. We have the stomach for this fight and fight we will, until it is HLS itself that depart to the annals of doomed animal abusers. We are claiming history for ourselves with the victory we shall not ever surrender.

And why? Though it is often repeated through out this campaign, that 500 hundred animals die every day behind the doors of HLS, the horror of that particular carnage never loses it impact on us. That number never becomes a meaningless statistic to be rolled out on demand. It is a very real figure that never leaves our minds, it is one that can only be escaped by having the doors at HLS closed for the last time and the workers leaving in failure.

Keep these thoughts with you. Decide how it is you wish to make your impact on behalf of that animal which has died in the time it has taken you to read this. We make no apologies for the strength or emotion of our message and demand. If you feel guilty or upset, do not look to us to comfort or criticize. We do not care. Depart now, and let us get on with the struggle that matters – ending vivisection and closing HLS. What we want to hear is that you are doing your bit to close HLS for good, regardless of how big or small it is, for absolutely everything counts.

To the customers of HLS – and we know you read these action alerts - do you have the stomach to meet us in this challenge? Do you truly have what it takes to withstand a movement that has taken on some of the world’s largest companies and comprehensively won time and time again?  A movement which will not be swayed or dissuaded by any means from the goal it has set, and which you now stand in the way of.

Below are the principle emails, telephone numbers and fax details for the UK offices of HLS’s Japanese customers. Let them know that it is time they left HLS to its ordained fate. Stop hanging around – time to get busy…

Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers: Tel: 01253 861 800; Fax: 01253 861 950; Email: info at & paul_glennie at

F2 Chemicals: Tel: 01772 775 800; Fax: 01772 775 809; Email: helen.mcnamee at

ACT Tech (UK) Ltd: Tel: 01604 671150; Fax: 01604 671140

Glaverbel UK Ltd: Tel: 01788 535 535; Fax: 01788 560 853,

Yamanouchi: Tel: 01784 274 317; Fax: 01932 35 3458; Email: joe.harford at

Daiichi: Tel: 020 7936 2850; Fax: 020 7583 6035 ogradyj at, yagawak at, info at, webmaster at

Eisai: Tel: 020 8600 1400 / 0207 388 4746; Fax: 0207 413 1121 / 020 8600 1401

Shin-Etsu: Tel: 01506 415 555; Fax: 01506 471 171; Email: websales1 at, websales2 at, websales3 at, webmaster at

Santen: jyrki.liljeroos at, dkraft at

Sumitomo Pharmaceutical: Tel: 020 8600 7700; Fax: 020 8600 7755; Email: nakarai at

Sankyo: Tel: 01494 766 866; Fax: 01494 766 557; Email: info at & balabalendra at,

Krehalon UK Ltd: Tel: 01482 865 277; Fax: 01482 865 277; Email: info at

A list of all emails in this action alert is here: 
info at, paul_glennie at, helen.mcnamee at, joe.harford at, ogradyj at, yagawak at, info at, webmaster at, websales1 at, websales2 at, websales3 at, webmaster at, jyrki.liljeroos at, dkraft at, nakarai at, info at, balabalendra at, info at

This action alert was brought to you by the Close HLS Campaign (CHC); CHC is an internet based campaign for encouraging peaceful protest against all vivisection. 

For general information on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, please visit the websites, and; alternatively, contact Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630 or by email at info at Nothing in this email is intended to encourage illegal acts of any kind in whatever country you are reading it from. 

Please feel free to forward this email on.

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