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"You're a Vegan? But What Do You Eat?"   New Vegan Restaurant Guide Has Plenty of Suggestions!

Toronto, September 11, 2003:    Friends of Animals (FoA) is proud to announce its publication of Toronto's first Vegan Restaurant Guide. 

"Vegans" are pure vegetarians, who, for ethical or personal health reasons, or both, refrain from consuming any animal products. 

"A pure vegetarian lifestyle is the most direct and life-affirming form of animal rights activism," says lawyer Lesli Bisgould, of FoA's new Canadian office, adding: "It is also well-known that the agriculture industry causes serious environmental degradation and threatens human health. There are lots of reasons to give veganism a try."

Recently published research led by the University of Toronto found that a vegan diet dramatically reduces cholesterol.  It may work, according to the study, because evolution has adapted humans to food with high fibre and vegetable protein levels. 

Following the success of its New York Vegan Restaurant Guide, the Toronto guide is expected to be just as popular. FoA has identified 51 restaurants in and around Toronto that are entirely meat-free, with a growing number that are vegan, free of animal products altogether. They include fine restaurants, funky diners, juice bars and lounges, in a variety of price-ranges. 

"Toronto proves once again that it is a world-class city", says Bisgould, adding "we hope this guide will encourage people to support the wide variety of local, independent vegetarian restaurants.

Guides will be available at Friends' of Animals' table at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair, September 12-14 at Harbourfront, on FoA's website or by contacting FoA directly. 

Friends of Animals is a non-profit animal rights organization with more than 200,000 North American members.


For more information:    Lesli Bisgould, LL.B., Law and Policy Director - Canada 
416.465.7511 / bisgould at

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