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Sun Sep 14 10:52:06 EDT 2003
Regarding "Views differ at meeting on predators" (Sept. 7 Gazette). It never 
ceases to amaze me how some people, instead of adapting to the environment 
around them, want to change what God intended to suit their own purposes. If 
people insist on living and raising livestock in an area where large predators 
exist, they should learn to live with predation. Why should these animals have to 
die because people entice them with an easy meal? If these people have to 
hire shepherds or buy guard dogs, so be it. That's the price you pay. If you 
don't want to pay the price, then leave. I hear there are no grizzlies, wolves or 
lions in the East. 

Catherine Moffett
Otto, Wyo. 

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