AR-News: AR NEWS: (Oregon) Animal-rights group: Hunts ‘recruit’ teens for violent acts

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Sun Sep 14 10:48:53 EDT 2003

The Associated Press
September 14, 2003

MEDFORD — An animal-rights group plans to protest next week at pheasant hunts 
the state sponsors to introduce teenagers to the sport.

In Defense of Animals has criticized the Oregon Department of Fish and 
Wildlife program for teens under 18 to accompany adults on hunts for pen-raised 
pheasants planted in wildlife areas.

“They’re trying to recruit the hunters of tomorrow by encouraging children 
to commit a violent act killing birds,” said Matt Rossell, spokesman for In 
Defense of Animals in Portland. “The state shouldn’t encourage bloodsports.”

A meeting was scheduled Tuesday for state officials to discuss how to handle 
the protesters. Any interference with a legal hunt is a violation of Oregon 
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