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Hi, Everyone!
There are a couple of alerts that require immediate attention due to
their expiration dates.  
* One involves America's WILDLIFE REFUGES and the Fish & Wildlife
Service's (FWS) continual promotion of hunting.  The FWS wants to add
seven refuges to its already bloated list of lands that allow hunting,
trapping, and or fishing.  (You can see the agency's nauseating news
release here:
tml)  The closing date for public comments is Monday, September 15.  The
FWS was sneaky and didn't announce their little plan until a short time
ago.  The details are on my Take Action! page
* Another time-sensitive alert involves a federal bill to ban the
interstate commerce of BIG CATS (such as lions, tigers, leopards, and
cougars).  Both the House and Senate versions of this bill have passed in
committee and now go to the floors for a vote.  It is imperative that we
contact our US Representative and US Senators immediately to ask that
they vote IN FAVOR of these bills.  The Senate version is entitled S-269,
and a House version will be introduced soon.  Ask your US legislators to
SUPPORT the passage of this bill.  
* One more alert with a looming deadline deals with the American Food
Pyramid.  It is time for a review committee to once again go over the
guidelines and make revisions.  Unfortunately, it is also time to once
again appoint a committee with a great many ties to the food and drug
industry.  That means the American public will continue to be influenced
by dietary decisions which themselves have been unduly influenced.  (You
can read the Washington Post article
=A39944-2003Aug24&notFound=true.)  The updated guide will not be released
until sometime in 2005, but written public comments will only be accepted
if received by September 16.  Let the committee know how you feel about
industry influence, and tell them you want a stronger vegan emphasis. 
Although better than in years past, these guidelines are literally
killing people.  The details are on my Take Action! page
As you probably already know, ICELAND has decided to resume WHALING,
despite worldwide opposition to the move.  They have already taken their
first victims and plan to kill 38 whales by September 15h, with more than
500 more over the next two years!  This is all being done in the name of
"science."  (I am really beginning to loathe that word.)  You can go to
the IFAW website ( to write letters
to the Icelandic, Japanese, and Norwegian embassies concerning their
participation in this horrific activity.
In honor of and preparation for National Farm Animals Awareness Week, the
HSUS is holding a Farm Sanctuary Animal of the Year contest
(  Just visit the website and read the
descriptions of the nominated sanctuary residents, then cast your
vote(s).  (I couldn't decide so I voted for all the underdogs!)  The
contest runs through September 27.
The Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary and Education Center
( has some brand-new pictures in its
Photo Gallery.  You should take a look at these birds.  The Summer 2003
Gallery ( has some great shots of
chickens eating grapes for the first time!  They look so curious about
the fruit, like they're wondering what these strange little green balls
Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, has put his support behind
Presidential hopeful, DENNIS KUCINICH.  Additionally, Kucinich is the
2003 recipient of the Gandhi Peace Award
(, a yearly award given to one
"distinguished peacemaker."
In case you've been wondering how much of your tax money is being given
to factory farms, check out the September 11, issue
( of the NotMilk
newsletter.  We all know about farm subsidies, but most people might be
surprised to learn just how big the tax-funded donations are, and just
how wealthy the recipient farms already are. 
I also want to mention two recent events affecting some of our activist
friends--one very happy and one very sad:  
Matthew, who heads up SCAN (Stop Cruelty to Animals Now!), recently became a new daddy!  He and his wife
will be very busy raising a conscientious son.  In today's violent world
it is even more important that we raise children with all-inclusive
compassionate values.  Congratulations to the new mom and dad.
On a sad note, Shell, of The Animal Spirit
(, lost her beloved cat Sal to cancer
last weekend.  I think most of us can empathize with her and understand
her grief in losing a member of her family.  We know that regardless of
species, losing a friend and family member is extremely difficult.
That's it for now.  Take care and have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
Mary Chipman 
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