AR-News: (US) companion-animal pesticide, travel, dog boutique

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Fri Aug 29 16:12:30 EDT 2003

3 items from Brakke Consulting's Animal Health News & Notes for August 29, 

The EPA is proposing to cancel liquid and dust use of the pesticide carbaryl 
on pets, in addition to other uses.  The carbaryl registrant is voluntarily 
canceling all pet uses except for flea collars.  (Journal of the AVMA) has made traveling with your pet easier by listing hotels, 
motels, inns, B&Bs, cabins and condos that provide for traveling pets.  
Along with state-by-state listings, the Website offers free and helpful 
information regarding pet care, travel tips and links to other pet sites. 

Marshall Field's department store is opening an upscale dog boutique in its 
flagship store in Chicago.  While Marshall Field has carried pet accessories 
on a limited seasonal basis, Down Town Dog will be its first permanent 
collection.  (Pet Product News)

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