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Mary Kunz writes her column "Buzz" every week.  She has previously written a
little jab at people who shudder if they see a pig being roasted and did a
big article about fixing lobsters for her boyfriend.  This latest one is the
most repulsive yet:
Thursday, August 28, 2003
Subject: "Buzz" by Mary Kunz--Buffalo News Column

A meaty role

No carnivore counts next to John Libria and John Cozzarelli, two North
Buffalo hunting buddies who had
a party last week for 200 people. Libria and Cozzarelli stuffed seven
chickens inside a 45-pound
pig. They stuffed the pig inside a 125-pound deer. They wrapped the whole
thing in 10 full slabs of
bacon. And they tied it all together with chain-link fence before roasting
it for 10 hours. The obvious
question: What, no deep fat? But Cozzarelli had thought of that. "We also
deep-fried four full turkeys," he said. Then he added, piously: "We also had
pasta and potato salad."

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