AR-News: (OR - US) Police unnecessarily shoot two dogs; dog "owners" may sue

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Mon Aug 25 14:25:14 EDT 2003

August 24, 2003

Police Shoot Philomath Dogs

By Craig Sklar

 Philomath -  
A shooting incident in Philomath has some local residents up in arms. They are dog owners threatening to sue the city police department after two officers shot their dogs.

They're names were Libby and King, two dogs shot and killed Friday night. The owner, Pat Shay, says what started as a fight between her dogs in the backyard led to a police call, and a confrontation that found its way into the adjacent garage.

Apparently, things between the police and the dogs got ugly fast. Shay says the police shot and killed her dogs they had to jump over a car and chase them. 

The dogs were cornered, and according to police chief Ken Elwer, were so vicious they had to be shot out of sheer necessity He says their concerns were for the community and themselves as well. They felt the dogs had to be put down.

But those are not the dogs the Shay family remembers. They say the dogs were sweet in nature. The family is convinced the police and a sheriff's deputy could have locked the garage door and called animal control.

Instead, they may have panicked.  The chief plans to talk to the family, but this could turn into a civil lawsuit against the police and sheriff departments.

Just how this happened and how it could have been avoided could take a court of law to unravel.

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