AR-News: Guam letter protesting Navy killing carabao

cathy goeggel selkie at
Thu Aug 21 12:35:47 EDT 2003
Dear Rear Adm. Patrick W. Dunne:
We have received disturbing news of your having authorized the slaughter of
carabao (Bubalis bubalis) on land occupied by the Navy in Guam. We have read
the management plan prepared by the Navy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service, and also have read the itemized rebuttal prepared by Dr. Steven
Fish and Wildlife has a history of preferring lethal control of feral
animals, and it appears that the Navy has chosen the quick and dirty
response to what amounts to an inconvenience. We are not convinced that your
decision is based upon sufficient evidence that the carabao are such a
danger to the environment that they must be killed.
The carabao have coexisted with the Guamanian people for hundreds of years
and are well loved by the populace. Newspaper articles have documented the
anger against the Navy's high-handed attitude in going forward with the
slaughter of these magnificent animals. This is hardly the best way to
inspire friendship amongst the native people of an island that hosts your
Navy base.
We hope that the spotlight of international censure will demonstrate that
animal abuse is not acceptable, and that you should walk lightly upon land
that is not yours. A good start would be to give the carabao a reprieve.
president, Animal Rights Hawai'i

Please express your outrage with the Navy- we have heard that they are using
the carabao for target practice!
RADM Patrick W. Dunne


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