AR-News: (US) How much to put that doggy in the window?

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Wed Aug 20 18:32:28 EDT 2003

[from Christian Science Monitor]

TUCSON, ARIZ. – In the reception room of animal shelter here, Rose Vicars
and her son are struggling to hold a puppy they found abandoned at the
side of a road.

"We think he's lost," Ms. Vicars says of the fluffy canine. "We have two
dogs already, so there's no way we could keep him."

Today, however, Ms. Vicars' good Samaritan act of saving the pup from
starvation or worse comes at a price - $25 to be exact. Earlier this
month, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona became one of the first in
the nation to start charging people for dropping off unwanted pets.

The fee - meant to discourage people from simply discarding their dogs or
cats - is one of several steps that animal shelters are now taking to deal
with a burgeoning problem of unwanted pets in many parts of the country.
It's estimated that US shelters admit 8 million cats and dogs per year. In
this Tucson shelter alone, 20,000 animals have been brought through the
reception room in the past 12 months.

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