AR-News: Protest the Killing of Monkeys in Barbados

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Protest the Killing of Monkeys in Barbados 
In Barbados, the government has placed a bounty on the 14,000 green monkeys who inhabit the island. Hunters are paid $7.50 for every tail that they bring in, so they usually kill the animal, cut off the tail, and throw the carcass away. The Barbados Primate Research Center pays $25 for monkeys brought in unharmed, who are then used for research or killed so that their kidneys can be used for polio vaccines, even though safer polio vaccines are produced through human cell cultures. Of the 1,500 monkeys brought to the Barbados Primate Research Center every year, more than half are sold for $1,500 each to other research centers and various companies where they are tortured and killed.

Help stop the cruel exploitation and slaughter of green monkeys. Tell the minister of housing, lands, and the environment that you will boycott Barbados until the killing is stopped: 

  Honorary Noel Lynch
  Minister of Tourism and International Transport
  Barbados Ministry of Tourism
  Sherbourne Conference Centre 
  Two Mile Hill 
  St. Michael 
  West Indies
  Telephone: (246) 430-7500, (246) 430 7506
  Facsimile: (246) 436-4828
  Email: barmot at   fortea at

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