AR-News: US - Finding That Specialized Someone

Orville A Knudsen oak at
Thu Aug 14 20:38:36 EDT 2003

Finding That Specialized Someone,1284,59992,00.html


These days, where can single goths go to look for love? Or vegetarians? Or
truckers, coffee drinkers or millionaires, for that matter?

Everyone knows about popular online dating sites like and
Lavalife -- behemoths whose active memberships number in the millions of
singles. But for people like Toto -- whose definition of the perfect mate
starts with vegetarianism -- such all-encompassing services don't make the
grade. Instead, Toto and thousands like him are turning to
special-interest online dating communities such as and

"Using a ... targeted vehicle for relationships is more of an interest for
me, (because) then I know that the kind of people drawn to the website are
more in line with my beliefs, values and personality characteristics,"
said Toto. He doesn't use his real name but he's an environmentalist,
vegetarian, animal-rights activist and member of "I
was interested in attracting like-minded individuals and building a
community, an underlying support system."


But to some in such specific groups, large popular services simply don't
do the job.

"I am only interested in finding vegans, but members on (some big) sites
are generally not questioned regarding their dietary status," said one user known as Esoteric Vegan. "If a vegan member just
happened to mention within their profile that they are vegan, then I would
be highly unlikely to notice, the main reason being that I would have to
spend hours and hours looking through the highly uninspiring rabble of
homogeneous zombies that comprise the bulk membership of these sites."


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