AR-News: (US) Vegan cuisine gets innovative and delicious spin

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Wed Aug 13 15:12:25 EDT 2003

[from Contra Costa Times]

Top chefs always have their eyes open. They know a trend when they see
one. They know when to hop on the bandwagon while there's still room. And
the latest one trundling through town carries the awareness that chefs
have to find a way to appeal to the impressively large tribe of vegans.

Vegans! These people -- a meat-eating, dairy-slurping eater might think --
are the antithesis of the food lovers who fill the tables at top dining
spots. They hardly eat anything. Well, yes and no. In fact, that's the

Vegan cuisine has adopted a more progressive attitude. Making pretend
"lamb chops" or using vegetable ingredients to mimic other animal-based
foods is passe. Chefs are maximizing fresh produce with simple dressings
and purees, and creating beautiful plates of artfully combined
ingredients. Eric Tucker at Millennium in San Francisco has helped make
vegan home cooking more interesting, too.

"A lot of people think of it as for ex-hippies who are eating granola and
brown rice and overcooked vegetables somewhere. We are showing that you
can do a lot of different textures and flavor combinations," Tucker said.

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