AR-News: Owner of 3 Fur Stores in Vail, Aspen Charged With Murder

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Wed Aug 13 07:35:30 EDT 2003

Jury picked for trial of furrier accused of killing
By Robert Weller, Associated Press
August 13, 2003,1713,BDC_2419_2178509,00.html

EAGLE — A jury was chosen Tuesday in the murder case
against a wealthy rancher-furrier charged with gunning
down a former lover, who she claims boasted of being a
hit man. 

Less than a week after Kobe Bryant's first court
appearance on a sexual assault charge swamped the town
with reporters, the courthouse parking lot was full
again Tuesday as potential jurors arrived for
questioning by attorneys. 

Opening arguments were scheduled to begin this

Kathy Denson, the 44-year-old owner of the Draggin' A
quarterhorse ranch and three fur stores in Vail and
Aspen, was charged with second-degree murder after
Gerald "Cody" Boyd was slain at her 77-acre ranch. 

Police said Denson called 911 to tell authorities she
had just shot her ex-boyfriend. She is free on
$600,000 bail. 

Denson faces 16 to 48 years in prison if she is
convicted of murder and use of a deadly weapon. 

Defense attorney Scott Robinson said Denson will
testify. He told the court he will probably argue that
Denson is protected under Colorado's "make my day"
law, which allows a homeowner to defend against
unwanted entry. Boyd died from a single shot to the

The judge has issued a gag order and sealed evidence.
However, a lawsuit filed against Denson by former
employee Monique Seebacher details some of the
allegations surrounding the suspect at the time of
last summer's shooting. 

Seebacher claimed Denson killed Boyd to get even with
her for stealing his affection, and that she was fired
for cooperating with sheriff's deputies in the

The defense says Denson fired Seebacher because a
court ordered her to have no contact with potential
witnesses in the killing. 

The allegation that Boyd was a hit man was disclosed
in a ruling by District Judge Richard Hart, who said
he would probably allow Denson to testify that Boyd
had bragged of 32 "hits." 

Boyd's former wife, Debra Griffith, also is suing
Denson for wrongful death on behalf of the victim's
12-year-old daughter. Griffith asked for a restraining
order against Boyd because she feared he was stalking

Boyd had cocaine and a tranquilizer in his blood the
day he was shot, according to court records. Denson
tested positive for cocaine during a routine test
while out on bond and then completed a substance-abuse

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