AR-News: (USA) Anyone in Tennesee? Dyer County?

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Fri Aug 8 17:11:00 EDT 2003

Is there anyone on this lists who lives in or near Dyer County Tennessee and
knows the laws of Tennesee who may be able to help this woman?  She does not
let her dog run loose it just got out of the pen while she was at work.


Please email her directly.  Email below.

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> I am from Dyer County, Tennessee and I am having a problem with the local
> animal policies.
>   An officer has told a neighbor that he had the right to hunt my dog down
> and kill it after it walked through his yard, and that it supposedly
snarled at
> his grandchild.
>   The man chased my dog out of his yard and then went in and got his
> and chased my dog on foot into mine and my neighbors yard.
> According to neighbors that my dog would have been shot if he would have
> stayed still long enough. The police were called out and I was cited for
leash law
> (which I can accept) but the man went unpunished for chasing my dog and
> trying to shoot him. In fact the police officer told him that he had the
right to
> chase him with a riffle not a pistol to kill him for not being caged or
> leashed. Now I am living in fear for my dogs and the local Law
> Society aren't trying to prevent these actions.
>  I think that it is wrong to shoot an animal and I would like information
> what could be done to this man for his actions. He personally threatened
> shot my dog if he sees it loose again.
>      I thank you for any information or help that you can provide me with.
>                                            Sincerely,
>                                            Gina Bromley
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