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Tue Aug 5 13:55:48 EDT 2003


In the 21st century most people can be counted on to agree that any kind
of cruelty or unethical treatment of animals is not only wrong, it has to
be stopped. There are laws on the books in virtually every jurisdiction
that makes it a criminal act, punishable with jail time for anyone being
cruel to an animal.  So, if you are an organization dedicated to the
ethical treatment of animals, and well beyond your time as a useful
enterprise, what do you do to keep those donations coming in?  Pretty much
anything that will get you publicity.

PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) has done some
outrageous things in the name of getting more donations, so they can keep
their jobs and organization viable. 
It doesn’t matter much to the PETA folks how we as decent people really
are, they need us to all believe everyone else is evil, cruel and in need
of a PETA lawsuit or boycott.  The fact is, the only group that really
should be on the endangered species list is PETA.



Paul Walfield is a freelance writer and an attorney with an undergraduate
degree in Psychology and post-graduate study in behavioral and analytical
psychology.  He resided for a number of years in the small town of
Houlton, Maine and is now practicing law and writing political commentary.
  Paul has his own website at


Paul can be contacted at paul.walfield at  

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