AR-News: Acme Chop House - eat pork to help pigs

Bill Dollinger bill at
Tue Aug 5 13:01:51 EDT 2003

San Francisco Chronicle, August 1, 2003
"Meanwhile, the Acme Chop House's Aug. 13 pork-themed dinner will
feature tete de porc, fried ears, stuffed pigs' fee and pastry created
from larded dough. It's a fund-raiser to the Animal Welfare Institute,
which lobbies against factory raising of animals. Pigs to be served are
presumably having a happy barnyard wallow before the grim butcher does
his thing. 
The Chop House's Larry Bain, a specialty0dinner veteran, was at Zola's
in the late '80's when a re-creation of the 'Babette's Feast' meal
necessitated one night's desperate cross-city hunt for quail heads, as
seen on the necks of quails served in the movie. China Moon restaurateur
Barbara Tropp gave him two leftover heads from whole birds she regularly
received in her orders from Chinatown, which he carried back to Zola's
by motorcycle and attached to unrelated quail bodies with sauce as blue
and mushrooms for cover-up. 
No such spare-parts emergencies are foreseen for hog night. Bain has
already asked friends, hog-ranchers and countrymen to save him their

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