AR-News: (UK) Blind dog and "guide dog" need home together

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Blind dog and 'guide dog' need home

> Chip and Dale need a new home

A blind dog and his "guide dog" friend are in need of a new home. The canine 
pals, named Chip and Dale by RSPCA workers, were found wandering in Wootton 
Bassett, Wiltshire. Dale is completely blind and relies on Chip, who walks with 
a limp, for guidance. The pair, both Jack Russell terriers, are inseparable, 
and workers at Bath Cats and Dogs Home where they are being cared for say they 
need to be rehoused together. Devoted dogs Kennel manager Jackie Dalton said: 
"Chip and Dale are wonderfully affectionate dogs, and love to be cuddled - 
their devotion to each other is very touching to see. "We would love to know 
their story and how long they had lived as strays like this, but sadly it will 
remain a mystery. "We are looking for a home where the new owners will be around 
most of the day as these two gorgeous little lads love attention. "They are 
getting on in years, and thoroughly deserve a comfortable retirement." Friendly 
personalities Chip and Dale, thought to be about 10 years old, were brought to 
the RSPCA home in May. Chip is a wire-haired tan and white male with an old 
injury to one of his hind legs which makes him limp, but causes him no pain. 
Dale is a smooth-haired white and brown male. Kennel staff say he has an 
independent, friendly personality and a highly developed sense of smell and hearing 
which masks his blindness. They need a home with no other animals or children 
because of Dale's blindness. Anyone interested in adopting the pair is asked to 
contact Bath Cats and Dogs Home. 

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