AR-News: Chemicals keep farmed salmon in the pink

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Fri Aug 1 18:36:42 EDT 2003

Chemicals keep farmed salmon in the pink

Not only does farm-raised salmon have no taste, recent studies reveal it is 
impregnated with chemicals. The producers use canthaxanthin and the more 
expensive astaxanthin to create the pink or red color in the flesh of the 

These chemicals are made from petroleum-based compounds. The chemical 
companies offer the farm producers a choice of color, which they market as 
SalmoFan, a sort of paint wheel with assorted shades of red to pink. The 
producer can pick the color he thinks the consumer likes best.

Of concern to health authorities is the possible retinal damage that these 
chemicals can cause. Without this additive, the color of farm-raised salmon 
would be a shade of gray or light brown or pale yellow to light pink. The 
chemicals are added to the food pellet, which the pen-raised salmon are fed.

European Union health officials are planning to lower their legal tolerance 
of these chemicals from 80 parts per million per kilogram of feed to 25 
parts. Canada has a standard of 30 parts. The United States believes that 80 
parts will not damage your eyes. But who wants to eat canthaxanthin or 
astaxanthin with their salmon dinner?

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